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Veterinary Dental Care in Danbury

Dental surgery is used by our Danbury veterinarians to correct a number of oral health complications at Mill Plain Veterinary Clinic.

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What is Veterinary Dental Surgery?

Veterinary dental surgery is any surgical procedure that addresses oral health issues experienced by your pet.

Routine dental health care, both at home and at annual appointments is the best way to ensure your dog or cat maintains good oral health, but sometimes surgery will be the only way to help your animal companion heal.

Our expert staff recommends surgery only when it is the best option for your pet's wellbeing. When needed, our vets will confidently offer their surgical services in order to treat a full gamut of oral health complications, from tooth decay to gum disease.

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Dental Surgery, Danbury

Common Dental Conditions

Some common health issues which may require dental surgery to treat are as follows:

  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Severe gum disease (periodontitis)
  • Feline stomatitis

Dental Surgery FAQs

Home Care After a Dental Surgery

After dental surgery has been completed and your vet has decided they don't require any further in-hospital monitoring, it will be time for your pet to come home. 

Depending on the kind of dental surgery your pet underwent, they will have different needs. First and foremost, you should follow the post-operative care instructions provided to you by your vet. If you cannot remember, you can always contact them to ask.

Your pet may require pain relief and anti-inflammatory medications and will also need plenty of rest. As a rule, try and prevent your pet from undertaking too much physical activity for 48 hours after their procedure. 

And since dental surgery may make your pet's mouth sensitive and prone to injury or infection while it heals, it is important to follow your vet's instructions closely when it comes to feeding and watering your companion.

If your pet is not eating, is rubbing its mouth, or is showing signs of infection like swelling or bleeding, contact your Mill Plain Veterinary Clinic staff as soon as possible.

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